For Christmas 2023, Lime was responsible for project managing the biggest ever Celebrations promotion, re-opening the debate for all those Bounty lovers or haters out there. Bring Home the Bounty was certainly one for the Bounty lovers and ran exclusively in Tesco stores nationwide.

There were 500,000 winning tickets hidden inside tubs. Lucky consumers simply had to visit the promotional website and enter their unique code to find out what they had won. Every entrant also got the chance to take part in a bonus prize draw, where one lucky winner could win a solid gold Bounty bar- worth £25,000! All they had to do was choose whether to “Treasure” the gold Bounty bar by keeping it, or “Trade it” for £25k instead.

Lime also delivered on ideation of the promotional concept, management of the unique codes, constructing the consumer journey, front end development of the website design, implementing a gamification mechanic and fulfilment of the cash prizes.

Winning ticket Tesco Instore

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