The Power Of Partnerships: Returning Partners

11th April 2024

At Lime, we are now entering into our 25th year of running brand partnerships, usually (but not always) in conjunction with a film or other entertainment IP.

Our role is not only to showcase the strengths and virtues of a specific film – the themes, storyline, target audience, specific hooks and mechanics that would work for a brand partnership but also the wider picture, i.e. the benefits of running a film partnership and the tangible results of brands who have activated partnerships before.

We have many benefits that we have run through in separate blogs and pieces about why to partner with a film release, and so this is not for now (get in touch if you want to know more!).

However, testimonials/examples are slightly more difficult – don’t get me wrong, we have a whole deck of testimonials, results and data of brands that have activated with a film and seen incredibly impressive results. 

But in addition, we also have numerous examples that are confidential and are not to be shared – after all, these show sales uplifts, return on investment on advertising, advertising spends, response rates on competitions, social media vs the norm etc. This information is something that some brands do not wish to share with the outside world, and that is totally fine with us.

In reality, there is one testimonial that beats all others – brands that regularly and actively run partnerships with films and entertainment. After all, why would any brand activate with a film if it achieves disastrous results and why would they run film partnerships time and again?

We often show prospective partners who may be wary of partnering with a film a substantial list of brands in various sectors who have on more than one occasion worked with film.

Best Film Partnerships

At Lime, we’re experts at bringing some of the world’s biggest brands together. Our best film partnerships include, but are not limited to:

  1. Walkers Crisps X Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
  2. Go Henry X Spiderman: No Way Home
  3. The Dark Knight X Police Watches 

1. Walkers Crisps X Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

As a perfect example of one of our best film partnerships – live right now across millions of packs, in-store media, all over YouTube and social media is the campaign that we have run with Walkers Crisps and Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. 

This is only 3 years after we activated the campaign with the same brand on the previous film Ghostbusters: Afterlife (Walkers’ first film partnership).

If anyone on the outside world needs any proof that the initial partnership worked, then this new campaign is it…

2. Go Henry X Spiderman: No Way Home

Recently we worked with the brand Go Henry on their first ever film partnership with Spiderman: No Way Home.

Since then, they have activated with Sonic 2, Spiderman: Into The Spider-Verse and more. 

Proof yet again that film partnerships of this ilk obviously work for brands.

3. The Dark Knight X Police Watches 

Another superb example of returning partners is the campaign Lime did with The Dark Knight and Police Watches across Europe. 

This brand have regularly partnered with film, including The Expendables in 2010, and then again with the caped crusader in 2022 for the new iteration of The Batman and even carrying on the partnership to create licenced products as well.

Batman X Police Partnership.
At Lime, we’re experts at bringing some of the world’s biggest brands together.

Likewise, Nissan, who had partnered on the Die Hard 4.0 film and then ran a gorgeous campaign on The Dark Knight Rises, returned again ten years later for a just as fabulous campaign on The Batman, after also activating earlier the film The Flash.

Also live right now is a partnership with Lee Kum Kee sauces and the all-new Kung Fu Panda 4 film. This is after Lime handled their first ever foray into film partnerships with a campaign on the 3rd Kung Fu Panda release. You can’t keep Po down!

There are many, many more examples… McDonald’s and Burger King constantly run activations with film and entertainment IP. Whistles clothing have activated on numerous titles such as The French Dispatch, Poor Things and Wicked Little Letters. British Airways, Haagen Daz, Hovis, Ambre Solaire, Soltan, O2 priority, Hamilton Watches…the number of brands that have worked on numerous film partnerships is very healthy.

This is the tip of the iceberg, there are numerous other examples – so, if ever you require results driven data regarding previous film partnerships, there are plenty of case studies.

If you need undeniable proof that these campaigns work, then just look at the variety of incredible brands who return again and again to partner with film and entertainment IP, with great success.

We are Lime, an independent partnership and sales promotion agency based in London. We offer an end to end sales promotion service from idea generation to prize fulfilment. 

Our sales promotion team work with FMCG brands to create smart promotional campaigns, helping our clients to create on-pack promotions that achieve incremental space and stand out in store.

With our unique partnerships expertise, we are able to help brands unlock relevant prizes, incentives and offers from a wide range of sectors, including film and entertainment, gaming, as well as the travel and leisure sector.

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